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 I'm Rob Dorsey, and I'm the author of The Barsoom Pentalogy, a five book series that picks up the Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Carter of Mars series of stories fifty years after they end, and follows John Carter and Dejah Thoris's second son (not in the Burroughs books) from an impetuous youth to when he becomes Jeddak of Helium. Through these five epic volumes, each over five hundred pages of action and adventure, he faces great quests to prove himself worthy. Along the way are huge and horrible beasts to defeat, battles to be fought and the hand of the Crown Princess of a former enemy to win. This is my seminal work and at the risk of pretension, is my Lord of the Rings, my Game of Thrones, my Dune. In my opinion and that of my reviewers, this is my best work and if this be my legacy, then I am proud. In these 2,700 odd pages you will find a deeper view of the land and culture of Barsoom and meet an entirely new and relatable cast of characters with whom you will fall in love.
My characters, though they live on the planet Mars as it exists in a parallel universe, are real people, people with issues and flaws but possessed of the most noble courage you have ever experienced. The Covers of these five books are shown below. They are available on Amazon in eBook, Paperback and in most cases, two versions of hardcover, the traditional with dust jacket and the new "Case Laminate" where the cover is laminated right on the hard board. I prefer to read these. There's no dust jacket to deal with and I was able to format the interior of the book specifically for this book format to make it even easier to read. You never have to break the spine on my books to read in close to the middle.  All available on Amazon at:

My next book is Light Speed, a more traditional Sci-Fi about the first, warp drive, FTL (Faster Than Light) starship, the SS Resolute and her crew, Captain Rick Corbett and his navigator co-pilot, Alice. Rick is a former Air Force fighter pilot and test pilot astronaut while Alice is a Gen-5 AI who is built into the ship and lives in electronics bay 3 in the ship' lower compartments. Rick and Alice worked together for a year completing the fitting out of the ship and preparing her for her first jump out to Alpha Centauri. During this period, Rick and Alice go from pilot and computer to best friends, and then, unwisely, more. It is all stressed to the limits when they get into real trouble in another star system. Have a read and find out how they handle "first contact" and their feelings for one another. Also in three formats, eBook, Paperback and Hard Laminated Cover at:

Below are the books currently on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Other Books in Work
My work style is a bit different and each writer has their own way of getting words on the page and, most importantly, finishing books. I usually have  several books in work at any time and when one really catches my fancy I dedicate myself to it until it's finished. Right now I have in the pipe:

Peck of the Yard - A British detective novel introducing former Detective Chief Inspector Ronald E. Peck, late of Scotland Yard, who is called back in as a consultant to solve a sensitive and scandalous murder of a sitting Lord of the House of Lords. The story is set in 1933 London and  follows the brilliant detective and his sergeant through criminal and international intrigue in pre-war

Carthan of Barsoom -  A continuation of the Barsoom series as requested by my readers and reviewers. This story traces the exploits of Carthan, first grandson of John and Dejah and new crown prince of Helium. Carthan and his best friend Elon are lured to a swordsmanship tournament in a smaller city-state far away. He and Elon borrow Carthan's mother's Vorus fast flyer and head out to attend, not knowing the trap that awaits.

Beasts of Miranus - The second volume of the Galactic Odyssey series featuring Rick and Anna Corbett, the adopted prince and princess of Ocsalan, a city-state on the planet Miranus, eighty-six thousand light-years from Earth on the other side of our galaxy. Rick and Anna continue making a life together on an alien planet andd engage in erradicating a host of fearsome beasts from the outback of the planet. But, while they battle the great creatures that threaten all human life on the planet, they are unaware that ssomeone they least suspect is plotting their demise and the theft of the most valuable technology in the universe, superluminal flight.