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Author of: The Barsoom Pentalogy

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Rob's books are rendered in a pleasant conversational style as if he were there with you, telling you the story. And what stories. Rob is a multi-genre writer with a deep and rich life experience that allows him to write from first hand knowledge. Rob's writing runs the gamut from unusual, intellectual science fiction to nineteenth century London mysteries of Inspector Peck of Scotland Yard. Rob likes writing series so many of his stories continue on through several volumes. Pick one up and enjoy the passion of a truly great story teller.

Books By Rob Dorsey
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Volume I
The Barsoom Pentalogy

Introducing to readers of the John Carter of Mars series of novellas written by Edgar Rice Burroughs in the early twentieth century, the Carter's second son, Darus of Helium. This is very much a coming of age story in which Prince Darus takes on the personal quest of ending the Zodangan rebellion.  . . .  (read more)
Volume II
The Barsoom Pentalogy

After a year of peaceful bliss, Helium is rocked by the most terrible calamity imaginable. The Crown Princess Dejah Thoris, the Light of Barsoom and Daughter of Ten Thousand Jeddaks is abducted, shot from the sky . . . . (read more)


Volume III
The Barsoom Pentalogy

Volume IV
The Barsoom Pentalogy

Spring 2017

Volume V
The Barsoom Pentalogy

Lost Tears